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Chegg was created to help save you time and money on textbooks. They were students once and know how overpriced they are and college students don’t have money to waste.

They give students the option to rent as well as buy new and used textbooks. Then you can sell your textbooks back to them and they will pay top dollar for them. Chegg strives to make your college experience better.

How To Use Your Chegg Coupon Code

Ok, so now that you have your coupon code, you must learn how to input the code. Use the walk-through below to help you along in getting your discount applied to your order. These snapshots have been taken from the website through a sample checkout.

Step 1. Locate the coupon code box

Step 2. Now that you’ve located the coupon box, copy the best deal available from the list above

Step 3. Paste the code into the box and click the “Apply” button

Do you see your total being reduced on the right hand side of the screen? If you see the coupon subctracted from your order than you know you’re good to go. If not try using a different coupon and repeat the process.

So there you have it, that should guide you through the process of acquiring and applying a Chegg coupon code. Be sure to bookmark our page and check back when you order your books for any available coupons and promotions. Besides just providing coupons, we also rate and review each textbook site. You can find our Chegg review below…

Review of

This week, we are launching our exhaustive review of the online Textbook Rental industry which is gaining popularity among college and graduate students as a convenient way to save on textbook costs without sacrificing the learning. Where before one’s options are only limited to either buying books outright or borrowing from friends and colleagues, now one has access to a nearly unlimited library brought about by online book renting companies at just a fraction of the actual purchase cost.

We’re diving deep into the textbook rental industry by reviewing 12 of the most respected names in Textbook Rental, starting with, a name almost synonymous with the online textbook renting business itself. was founded in 2001 as a virtual marketplace for all things college, but was better known for its quasi-book cataloging services providing a comprehensive list of available titles that students and professors alike can use to identify useful references and supplementary material to term courses. In 2007, the company decided to focus its core business to online book rentals, making it one of the first players in the book renting business. has since grown to what it has become today, a well-respected and recognized name in textbook rentals, armed with an established reputation as one of the most reliable and sought-after book-renting businesses online.

Below is a detailed review of and its corresponding performance in the 5 critical metrics for Book Rentals: Key Features and Company Strengths, Ease-of-Use, Pricing, Customer Support, and Shipping including a quick summary of the practices that set apart from other book renting outfits.

Key Features and Strengths leads the way in terms of the variety in available titles that one can choose from. The company has grown its selection to currently more than a million titles in various fields such as Mathematics, Business and Economics, Science, Psychology, Language Arts and Disciplines, Literature and Politics and many others. According to their wikipedia page, many of these titles are offered in various editions making it easy for the customer to pick-out the specific class requirement as requested by the professor. Likewise, new titles are added regularly making it a truly reliable index for all textbook needs.

Our Score: 5/5


No textbook renting company will benefit from a wide selection but sacrificing ease-of-use in the process. With Chegg, renting is a very simple and efficient process. The customer is required to create an account with Chegg at zero upfront cost, and book selection is easy with the use of a search bar that uses either the book’s title, the author’s name or the book ISBN. The ISBN is the full-proof search entry that is universally endorsed by all book companies alike but in the event that one does not have it, the other entries are also adequate.

Renting terms vary depending on the specific need of the customer. Semestral rents can last up to 125 days, 85 days for quarter rentals, and 60 for summer courses. Likewise, each rental term allows for a 15 or 30-day extension to allow the customer to finish all coursework requirements. Same as with other online book-renting companies, Chegg is strict in charging late fees when books are not returned on-time and completely unreturned books are charged the full 100% of listed purchase price so it is best to pay attention to timing so one does not unnecessarily incur excessive penalties. Overall, however, we did not find any issue with these policies as they normally come standard with most book-renting outfits making comparable with other companies in this regard.

Our Score: 4/5


Book rentals at normally cost 60% lesser than the book listed cost, which is like buying a book at the start of term and selling it at 60% of its original price after use, not a bad proposition considering our old practice of purchasing books and leaving them to gather dust in our bookshelves once we are done. Late fees and unreturned book payment guidelines apply so it is worthwhile to study the specifics to prevent incurring extra charges. Overall, however, Chegg promises zero hidden charges on all purchases and customer testimonies from happy customers across the internet support this. Payment can also be done through all four major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Discovery or American Express – or through other popular payment options such as PayPal and other Debit Cards making it a convenient option regardless of your financing preferences.

Our Score: 4/5

Customer Service Support

Perhaps the one area where can continue to improve, despite its various efforts over the years, is in its Customer Service Support. Various means are available to report issues to online Chegg customer service agents, such as Facebook and Twitter accounts, email, phone and chat support. There is however a prevalent perception amongst old customers that does not provide timely support in resolving issues which can cause delays in orders or wrong shipments altogether. Other concerns mention totally unavailable customer service agents leading to unanswered or dropped calls. As Chegg continues to lead in the industry of online book-renting, it has to improve on these services as we can all agree that an excellent book selection does not matter if there is no harmonious relationship between seller and customer.

Our Score: 2/5

Shipping ships to all customers in 4-7 business days so it is important to purchase early to absorb shipping delays if there are any. Return is also easy as all one has to do is log-in onto the site, print a copy of the mailing label and slap it on to a package of to-be-returned books and everything is ready. It has to be said, however, that this practice is almost industry-standard which does not make any more special than the next competitor, but likewise it is worthwhile to mention that such ease-of-shipping is very much welcome and appreciated.

Our Score: 4/5

Summary’s wide selection gives it a leg-up over its competitors but it can definitely do better in terms of providing sufficient customer support. Other practices and policies are comparable with established industry standards and pricing is definitely a money-saver although it is not the cheapest option available. We likewise cannot end this review without mentioning Chegg’s noble corporate social responsibility program of planting one tree for every rental out of Chegg’s massive book collection, and 4-million trees planted to-date is certainly no gimme.

All these underscore that like every other business endeavor, there are certainly strengths and weaknesses to Chegg’s way of doing business. We caution the thinking customer to properly weigh whatever appeals to your preferences so you do not have to settle for just any other book-renting service.

Further, despite its few shortcomings, we think Chegg does well in providing book-renting customers the service that they truly need. So the next time you’re looking for a textbook for classroom use, consider renting from

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