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Buying cheap textbooks requires coupons, plain and simple. With AbeBooks this is no different. Entering a coupon code is extremely simple and only takes a few seconds when shopping. Even though Abe offers some of the lowest prices around, we have to take advantage of all available promotional deals. Be sure to bookmark for weekly updates of all Abebooks coupons for 2019 and years to come. Below you will find the current codes along with a detailed review of AbeBooks for those interested in learning more about the site. Follow the quick instructions on how to redeem your code and everything should be smooth sailing from there out.

How To Use Your Abebooks Coupon Offer

Step 1. After adding your books the basket, visit the basket page.

Step 2. Locate the best available coupon and copy the code

Step 3. Use the image below to find the coupon input box

Unfortunately we have not found any coupons at this time so you will have to work with the deals we have provided above. The free shipping deal is by far our most popular offer. So if you do happen to order books from Abe, be sure to take advantage of this deal. And now, on to our detailed review of Abebooks.com one of the most popular textbook retailers on the web.

AbeBooks.com Review

Technically, abebooks.com is not an online book-renting company like the many of our other reviews but it is an integral part of the online renting system as will be explained later, hence it merits a detailed look. Likewise, it is an excellent option for students looking to sell old or outgrown books and knowing that all selling ventures boil down to which buyer offers the highest buy-price, then all options must certainly be considered, abebooks.com included.

In a nutshell, abebooks.com buy and sell old textbooks as needed by students, professionals, scholars, and all book-lovers alike. This is integral to the online renting system as most books that get recycled by the buy-and-sell process eventually, somehow, find their way into the rental system for another round of reusing by hungry, eager minds. Another way by which the same books end up back in the rental system is when abebooks.com buy them and renters in turn buy them from abebooks.com. This is possible because the company tends to buy books at a higher price than competitors and when the market gets depleted, especially the old, rare editions, the only way that renters can stock these copies is if they get it directly from abebooks.com at higher prices. Further, since renters rent the books multiple times, they are bound to recoup their initial expenses even if the purchase price was relatively higher outright.

The same 5 critical metrics for rating online textbook rental companies will be used with slight modifications as will be explained. Again the criteria we use are 1) Key Features and Company Strengths, 2) Ease-of-Use, 3) Pricing, 4) Customer Support, and 5) Shipping. For book sellers and buyers, which is the main target audience for this review, the basis for selecting a preferred company is simple: whichever buys the highest and sells the lowest is the one you should go to, provided quality of the purchased product is not compromised. As usual, we give the facts and analysis and leave the judging to the informed end-user for a meaningful renting experience in the future.

Key Features and Strengths

Abebooks.com buys and sells titles in various fields same as typical book renters do. Students who would rather own books than rent them but would want to do it at a cheaper price and wouldn’t mind a slightly used version can get the books straight from abebooks.com without having to go through all the renting hoopla as when you sign-up with Chegg or BookRenter. Purchasing is on a pay-first basis, with no reservation options available to help you secure the book while you think it over. However, as with famous titles, there are almost always a few more copies of the same book lying around and one is most likely to get his own copy with a little patience and luck.

Selling likewise is easy. One can go to the abebooks.com site and enter the book ISBN on the website and request for a quote. You can repeat this process with various other companies until you get the highest bid for your copy after which you can decide which one to sell it to. Everything is transparent and fast, easy and convenient. And the best part is, you can earn by properly disposing of all those books without having to leave the comforts of your own chair.

Our Score: 5/5


This part doesn’t need much explanation. The core concept is getting a quote before deciding whether or buy or sell your copy. Abebooks.com present everything in a transparent, can’t-miss-no-confusion matter that allows you to decide then and there if you to push through with your transaction.

For those that want a little more information, abebooks.com has a handy FAQ and help page that answers most questions concerning buying and selling. Compared to most other book-renting websites, abebooks.com seems to be a little cluttered but most are just text and ads. Go straight to the help section or enter your ISBN on the search tab and you will most likely find what you are looking for.

Our Score: 3.5/5


We do not have definitive information on book pricing for buys and sells but as we’ve mentioned before, one’s best bet is to get a quote before deciding. You can find out for yourself if abebooks.com really does buy higher than the competition by comparing quotes from different websites. Make sure you check the shipping policies before confirming the buy.

Our Score: 3.5/5

Customer Service Support

Abebooks.com rests on the firm backbone that is Amazon.com and as such enjoys the same level of customer service support that Amazon affords to all its customers. Standard phone and email support are available. Of course, we also see customer feedbacks for not-so-nice customer service support but these seem to be few and far between. Suffice it to say that if the internet is heaping praises for abebooks.com, then it must be doing something right for its clientele.

Our Score: 4/5


Abebooks.com is partnering with many other organizations across the world and thus ships or sells to many countries outside of the United States. Sold books ship free and printing a mailing label from the website eliminates all the hassle. Bought books require the customer to pay shipping fees and one has to be careful to look at cost breakdowns to ensure you don’t earn anything at all, or worse get into the negative when shipping costs are computed. It’s best to review all numbers before confirming the final purchase so you are sure of what you’re getting at a price that you are happy with.

Our Score: 3/5


Abebooks.com provides a welcome alternative and healthy competition to book-renting companies who are likewise looking to buy or sell some of their offerings. As our survey of internet forums show, Abebooks seems to offer higher prices for buy-backs and cheaper quotes for sales. One is best advised to look at all possible options and to diligently look at the cost and profit figures before confirming a transaction.

With a little luck, you should generate hefty savings from selling all those books gathering dust on your shelf. I’m sure that’s one thing you would not want to say no to on any given day. Thanks for reading and be sure to grab our Abebooks coupons for 2019 listed above. Good Luck!