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About TextbookCoupons.com

So you want to know a little bit more about us?

We'll here's the skinny, we started running a textbook price comparison about 10 years ago, TextbookLand. That site is still alive and kicking helping thousands of students save hundreds of thousands of dollars each semester.

But back to the story we bought the TextbookLand and TextbookCoupons domain around the same time. For awhile TextbookCoupons sat around doing nothing because well, there really were no textbook coupons for a long time. All of that changed as the internet grew, with more competition came coupons which ended up being a great thing for all the college students out there. Unfortunately it happened a little bit to late for me since I had just graduated a couple years earlier, but none the less I figured it would be a good idea to throw up the coupons on this domain.

Students now have an easy to use resource which is updated with the latest and greatest coupon codes for all the major stores. I try to keep it updated as much as possible and mostly with a lot of your help! Well not you in particular but the cumulative YOU as in all of the site members out there. If you ever find any coupons please send them over to us and we'll get them listed up right away.

Thanks for visiting and keep on saving your money! Textbooks are expensive, make it as painless as possible to buy them.


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